Air Purification Systems – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Clean Your Air Using an Ultraviolet Air Purification System

Air Purification Systems Ann Arbor MichiganHave you ever wondered just how clean the indoor air you breathe every day while living in Ann Arbor, Michigan actually is? If you haven’t done so yet, this is an idea that you might actually want to think about. After all, you probably spend the majority of your time indoors – either at work or at home. Since you do spend so much time indoors, you might want to make sure that the air you breathe on a regular basis is as safe as possible for you. Two strategies will help you to make that possible – obtaining an air purification system and hiring someone for radon mitigation services if your building has been affected by radon.

The average home or office has a greater number of pollutants than the outdoors. It makes sense since the air becomes trapped within your home as your heating and cooling systems simply re-circulate the air over and over again. This process allows contaminants to remain in your home or office, while you breathe them in and out. What are all these contaminants doing while you’re breathing them in and out? Most likely, some of these organisms, bacteria, and viruses are breeding and increasing in numbers. Even if you have filters installed on your heating and cooling systems, a certain number of pollutants are going to remain in the air.

If you want to rid the indoor air of pollutants, you may want to consider using an UV Air Purification System. This method of purifying the air isn’t new. In fact, hospitals have been using it for many years. Fortunately, this method is now available for homeowners and business owners in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.

What is the Ultraviolet Air Purification System?

Perhaps the best method to use in order to clean the air within your home or office is the UV Air Purification System. Designed to sterilize the air while it is circulating throughout your home or office, the UV Air Purification System takes the existing air and cleans it before distributing it back through your Ann Arbor, Michigan home or office. The air passes into the UV chamber where it undergoes the sterilization process. After the air passes through this ultraviolet air purification chamber, it travels through the existing vents and duct work of your cooling/heating systems back into your home or office.

The UV light, which is featured in the UV air purification system, kills nearly 100% of the micro-organisms, germs, bacteria, and viruses found within indoor air. UV air purification is an effective mode to use in order to sterilize indoor air. It is also one hundred percent safe to use. UV air purification does a better job killing germs than many other methods including the use of filters, harsh chemicals, and ionization.