Residential Radon Mitigation – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Residential Radon Mitigation Ann ArborHomeowners in Ann Arbor, Michigan may be concerned about the possibility of having high levels of radon contamination within their homes. Since radon is known to place individuals at risk of developing lung cancer, it is important to seek residential radon mitigation services if you suspect that your home has high levels of this harmful gas present.

How can you tell if you have such levels within your residential property? Since radon enters your home without making you aware of it, it is necessary to bring in residential radon-mitigation specialists who work in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Our well-qualified specialists test the air and water in your home for evidence of radon. If the levels are excessively high, or greater than the 4 pCI/L limit that the Environmental Protection Agency states is safe, then our specialist will recommend residential radon mitigation techniques to reduce the level of radon in your Ann Arbor, Michigan home.

How Radon Can Silently Enter a Home in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Since radon gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, it is impossible to tell that it is present without testing the air and water in your home. Since radon is known to cause lung cancer, it is important to have it removed from your home and to set certain preventative measures into place.

Radon is formed when uranium breaks down beneath the earth’s surface, where it is contained in rocks. As the radon continues to build up, it follows along fissures and cracks beneath the earth in search of a way to escape the confinement of being underground. Radon that reaches open air from beneath the ground dissipates quickly and disperses into the atmosphere harmlessly.

Unfortunately for residents living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, radon is just as likely to find its way to the ground beneath their homes. When this happens, the radon finds its way through cracks in the home’s foundation. If the air pressure within the home is vastly different than the pressure beneath the home, the radon is sucked into the home where it stays. The only way to remove this harmful gas is to bring in radon-mitigation experts to do so.

Radon can also find its way into the ground water that feeds private wells. Homeowners are unable to notice the presence of this change to their water. The only way to identify its presence is to have the water tested by radon mitigation professionals who have the tools to complete the test.

Finding a Qualified Residential Radon Mitigation Specialist

If your residential property’s levels of radon are high enough to merit it, you probably should bring in professionals who are trained to reduce radon levels, while also implementing measures to prevent its build up again. Our company offers residents in Ann Arbor, Michigan access to our best residential radon mitigation professionals at reasonable rates. Consider having your home tested for the presence of radon and restore a safe and secure living environment for your family today.