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Monday, June 25, 2012 @ 07:06 PM
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Radon Abatement May Be Necessary for Ann Arbor Residents

Radon Abatement Ann Arbor MichiganIf live in or around Ann Arbor, you should be aware of the possibility of a serious health hazard caused by naturally occurring radon gas in your home or office. Indoor radon gas nearly always poses some risk, and potentially dangerous levels are found throughout the country. Radon abatement from SWAT Environmental is a safe and effective means of lowering these radon levels, increasing air quality and lowering the risk of lung cancer and other major health problems.

What Is Radon Abatement?

Radon abatement is a general term for any process used to reduce or eliminate concentrations of radon gas in occupied buildings. There are many possible methods of radon abatement, some more effective than others. For example, people often assume that properly sealing doors and windows is a sufficient precaution. Unfortunately, radon gas can slip through nearly invisible cracks in the floors or foundation, so merely sealing the doors and windows is insufficient. A more effective solution involves the installation of piping, vents and fans under the building. This reroutes the radon gas directly from the soil and pumps it into the exterior air, where it is diluted and becomes harmless.

The Benefits Radon Abatement

If testing reveals that your house or business contains dangerous levels of radon gas, you should have radon abatement performed as soon as possible. Exposure to excessive radon gas levels is the second leading cause of lung cancer, right after cigarette smoking. Obviously, then, removal of this radioactive substance is vital. In addition, as a side effect of the improved air flow from radon abatement, other air pollutants which might be present will also be reduced. Likewise, excess interior moisture is also minimized, helping to decrease instances of harmful allergens and many types of mold and mildew. A properly installed radon abatement system can permanently alleviate many of these problems. Of course, you should still have your house’s radon levels tested regularly simply as a precaution to ensure that no further problems arise.

Hiring Radon Abatement Professionals

Property owners can engage in do-it-yourself projects to help minimize their risk from radon gas by sealing obvious openings and using home radon testing kits. However, these methods are not always fool-proof, as radon is an invisible gas that is naturally created by certain types of soil and rock. If high radon levels are detected, the best course of action is to hire the trained professionals from SWAT Environmental, who can use specialized equipment to accurately test different areas of the home or office. Once the testing is complete, an assessment of the building can be used to plan a quick and accurate removal of the gas. Although there are many possible methods of radon abatement depending on your unique structure and environment, SWAT’s specialists will be able to choose the best option for you. Their experience in radon abatement in Ann Arbor can ensure that they design and implement the most effective possible solution.