Waterborne Radon Reduction – Ann Arbor, Michigan

What is Waterborne Radon?

Waterborne Radon Ann ArborRadon, a colorless radioactive gas, can enter your Ann Arbor, Michigan home through its foundation, basement walls, or water supply. A real health threat exists either way. In fact, your residential water supply is as dangerous as contaminated air in your home if it is tainted by radon. This is especially true since you won’t even know it is there. Plus, the water supply in your home can be contaminated with this radioactive gas even if the air in your home hasn’t been contaminated.

If you suspect that you have waterborne radon contamination, it is important for you to arrange for radon mitigation specialists to come in and complete testing. If the results prove that your home has waterborne radon contamination, then you should arrange to have the necessary radon reduction strategies implemented as soon as possible. Certain areas of the country are at greater risk of waterborne radon contamination, including Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Waterborne Radon Contamination in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Since radon is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, you won’t be aware that it is present in your ground water unless you have your home properly tested by a radon mitigation company serving the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. This radioactive gas is a known carcinogen, second only to smoking as a causal factor for lung cancer. Each time you use tainted water in your Ann Arbor, Michigan home, you are placing yourself in harm’s way. Consider how frequently you use your residential water supply each day – for drinking, washing, and cleaning. If you are continually using contaminated water, then you are placing yourself at risk of developing cancer on a daily basis.

If you have water-borne radon contamination, it will be present in each pipe throughout your home, and it will enter your house through each tap that you turn on. Therefore, it is important to arrange for water-borne radon reduction from qualified professionals who have trained for this type of task. Our radon mitigation company employs experienced, knowledgeable contractors who have the expertise as well as the special equipment needed to properly handle waterborne radon reduction in residential properties.

Qualified Radon Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Waterborne radon reduction requires a special type of skill along with specialized equipment designed to handle this type of insidious contamination. Our radon mitigation company works in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and is fully prepared to reduce the presence of radon in your residential water supply. We are properly licensed and certified, and our dedicated professionals have the knowledge and skills needed to handle waterborne radon reduction in residential properties located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Do yourself a favor and have your home tested for waterborne radon contamination today. Our company is available, ready, and fully qualified to test your home’s water supply and complete crucial radon mitigation strategies for the reduction of this radioactive gas if necessary.